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Mascorrubi "Extincta Vitis"

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Mascorrubí "Extincta Vitis" 2017 Catalunya, Spain 100% Sumoll Blanc Heretat Mascorrubí is nestled high in the Penedès reaching 700 meters in some areas of the farm. Vines were originally planted in the late 13th century by Knights of the Templar. Somewhat mythical grapes can be found here under the care of Ernest Pérez-Mas including the near extinct Sumoll Blanc. There are only 5 remaining hectares of Sumoll Blanc vines in the world, and here is a bottle of wine made from their grapes. This is an aromatic, luscious wine with flavors of pear, almond, fennel and thyme. This is a special gift that can benefit from age—only 916 bottles produced. NATURAL SPAIN