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Lambert Ligeris Dolium

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Béatrice & Pascal Lambert "Ligéris Dolium" 2017 Loire Valley, France 50% Chenin Blanc & 50% Pinot Gris The Lamberts have been producing organic wine naturally for over 20 years. They believe that natural wine making is essential to communicate terroir and personalizes wine in a way that conventional farming can not. This skin contact cuvée is made from young vines of about 10 years. Maceration and fermentation takes place over 6 months in dolium (clay amphora) and the wine spends another 6 months aging in amphora. The wine goes through a slight filtration during bottling. Aromas of very ripe stone fruit and almost sour on the palate. A beautiful, enveloping tannic structure with dried fruit on the finish. BIODYNAMIC FRANCE