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Frenchtown Suncrest Indigeaux

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Frenchtown Farms Suncrest Vineyard “Indigeaux” 2016 North Yuba, California 60% Merlot, 35% Cabernet Sauvignon + Most of the fruit for this cuvée from Frenchtown is sourced from the legendary Californian Renaissance Vineyard and some from the Colfax area, both known for their impeccable growing conditions. Cara and Aaron Mockrish crossed paths with Gideon Beinstock during Clos Saron’s early years and were heavily inspired by his personal and intimate approach to vines. All Frenchtown cuvées are whole cluster, foot stomped and experience little to no intervention. Frenchtown has opted out of any certification, holding the belief that “you can’t legislate integrity.” NATURAL USA