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Château Khashmi Khikhvi Amber

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Chateau Khashmi Amber Wine 2017

Khashmi, Georgia

100% Khikhvi

Wine production in Georgia is 8,000 years old and 500 varietals are in use today for commercial purposes. Georgians use their own scripted language influenced by the shape of growing grape vines. This style of amber wine is an everyday table wine meant to be enjoyed at mealtime. Organically grown Khikhvi grapes are aged for six months with both skins and stems in Qvevri—man sized clay pots buried under ground. Notes of ripe yellow fruits are balanced by the distinct taste of resin that is predominant in Georgian skin contact wines. This is the driest orange wine that we offer. Its authenticity triggers the disorienting flavor we read as funky. Although no sulphur is added, it can be kept for up to 5 days. Qvevri wines are protected by UNESCO. NATURAL GEORGIA