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Maravilla Chacoli Pét Nat

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Cacique Maravilla Chacolí Pét Nat


Bío Bío, Chile

100% País

Manuel Moraga is a 7th generation winemaker who inherited vines planted by the first settler in his family to travel to Chile from the Canary Islands around 1750. Many of the País plantings are over 270 years old but, it’s hard to know where some vines begin and others end: this vineyard is wild. “Chacolí” is in reference to Basque country Txakolis—this is a bright rosé with fresh berry flavors. This vintage is showing a LOT of fruit and is not for those looking for a super dry style. This is a great wine to pair with spicy foods. Please keep bottle as cold as possible and open over a sink. This wine is still fermenting in the bottle and will be volatile if not stored below 42 degrees Fahrenheit.